Healthcare Receptionist Best Practices – Delivering A Professional And Personalised Experience

At Thetha Connect, we understand that nothing is more valuable than a person’s health and the health of the people they love. That is why all businesses operating within the medical industry should give sufficient focus to how they communicate with the people they serve.

If your business is in the healthcare sector, and you communicate with people via a medical call answering service, you need a healthcare receptionist who is well versed in the best practices regarding this important duty.

Here are a few healthcare receptionist best practices that our virtual healthcare receptionists at Thetha Connect incorporate when communicating with people on behalf of our clients.

Healthcare Receptionists Should Offer A Personal Touch

Over and above excellent communication and customer service skills, healthcare receptionists should be trained to offer a personal touch within all conversations. By greeting individuals politely using the company name, people phoning in to the medical call answering service will feel acknowledged and appreciated.

Rather than a pre-recorded interactive voice response (IVR) message, your healthcare receptionist should aim to connect with the caller on a personal level as a compassionate fellow human being, expressing the care and concern unwell patients and their families will appreciate.

Medical Receptionists Must Have Compassion

Compassion and understanding are core elements of any medical call answering service  solution where people facing health problems are communicating with your practice or business. Compassion must not be sacrificed for the sake of efficiency, and should be prioritised on each call to represent your business in a positive and caring manner.

Our dedicated medical receptionists build connections with your patients, and they understand the value of providing the person calling, whether sick, elderly or concerned, with genuine empathy and understanding at a difficult moment. This is not a skill or technique, but a genuine attitude that is inherent in our healthcare receptionists.

Confidentiality Key To Building Trust

Confidentiality is crucial when dealing with the medical records and private information of individuals. At Thetha Connect, our medical call answering service provides secure call recordings of diagnoses, prescriptions, and conversations, with access to recordings restricted to the patient and their trusted medical professional.

Patient and doctor confidentiality should always be prioritised to build trust, with every single medical receptionist trained to respect and maintain the privacy of patients.

By outsourcing your healthcare receptionist requirements to Thetha Connect, you can rest assured that your patients or clients will experience a highly-personalised medical call answering service adhering to healthcare receptionist best practices and delivered with professionalism, confidentiality, efficiency and genuine compassion.